The Vast Number Of Fields Available In Today’s World

A century ago there were only the limited number of streams that students could learn and thus they get the mainstream jobs. But in today’s ever developing world it is a totally different story. So many different types of subjects have come to being enabling man to study and do research in so many different areas. This has helped broaden the spectrum of knowledge and gives teenagers a chance to pursue their subject they love. The main streams available since the ancient times were science, commerce and arts and still up to today they are being followed by many schools but then these subjects now branch and cater to many other more advanced sub fields. It is these subfields that has helped scientists breakthrough many troubles man has faced. Given below are a list of fields and the jobs that one could do with the given qualification.

Apart from the mainstream jobs like becoming a doctor, engineer and economists but we are going to look at the different types of jobs that require a combination of streams. When we take engineering and science, they can work as a pair hand in hand. Information technology is one such sub field that has been brought about by this combination. Technologists and technicians play an equal role in this world where technology is given more importance that any other thing. They help with laptop repairs, software updates and even the maintenance of big servers.

One could even get their laptop screen replacement services done by the reputed professionals.

Another very interesting and growing field is science as a whole. The main subjects of science are chemistry, biology and physics. With the combination of biology and physics one could do bioengineering and be the one responsible for all the equipment from an autoclave to a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) machine. With the combination of biology and chemistry one could do biomedical science or even biochemistry. These subjects are of high importance due to its close connection with the human health. One could be a nurse, a scientist, a laboratory worker or even a researcher. With the combination of chemistry and physics one could becomes a chemical engineer and this job is of high demand. It is because it is related to the manufacturing of medicine and thus requires only the best of professionals.

All thanks to the extra specialization we have come this far when it comes to curing diseases and inventing machines for the betterments of human lives.