Two of a Kind: IT Solutions and their Small Businesses


The modern day world runs very differently to how things used to be. One of the biggest changes is the introduction and normalisation of computers. Initially being large enough to take up an entire room, computers have become so small and transportable that one’s mobile device can offer the same features as a computer. For many businesses, computers are the future as they provide so many benefits that could not otherwise have been achieved, albeit they do have their downfalls.

One of the most prominent advantages that computers can offer to a business is the concept of storage and organisation. In recent years, there have been a near constant upgrade in the type of programs made available for computers. Businesses today have an ample amount of programs to select from, meaning they can choose to use the program that will suit their needs the best. The selected program then can be set up to run throughout the office, ensuring that all staff members have access to the same documents. This also means that there is less need for paperwork or filing, as all documentation cna be saved and accessed digitally and categorised accordingly. Some programs may even be able to categorise the digital information itself. This allows staff members to free up their time and focus their attention on other needs of the business.

Another advantage of having a digital workspace is the need for less staff, making employment costs cheaper. Computers can take on entire roles of a particular position, allowing the business to become quite tight-knit. Conversely, this also means that fewer people may be hired to work in that business or may even result in letting go of those people the positions that can be replaced.

As with the previous downside, having a digital workspace is not all time saving and efficiency. While it definitely has its pros, such as the aforementioned, the fact remains that being too dependent or relying too heavily on this type of software is dangerous. Computers have been known to break, for their programs to have shut down, for the systems to be irreparable. Another danger is the business not selecting the right software or programs to help their business in the first place, which can mean a loss of time, money and effort. Selecting and installing the wrong programs to connect the digital workspace may mean that it cuts down the level of efficiency, and effectively looses time as they will need to reinstall a new program to support their business.

This is why the IT support companies in Perth are big business. People in this profession help smaller businesses select the exact type of programming and software that will be most beneficial for them. They have knowledge of the business itself and how it caters to their outside customers, and these professionals always have a contact on call should any technical failings happen.